Informational server of Russian Dentistry

Welcome to Infodent.RU!

Infodent.RU is non-commercial informational server of Russian dentistry.

  • Non-commercial means that all the information is allocated here free of charge.
  • Informational means that the main aim of that site is to provide people with the information. Target audience is dental professionals, procurement departments of dental clinics, dental trading companies.
  • Server means that it serves people. They can freely add or update information about themselves in the respective chapters.

Site has the following regularly updated chapters:

  • News - announcement of events for dental professionals, such as: seminars, exhibitions, master-classes, important events in business world of dentistry.
  • Catalogue - database of companies who manufacture or sell dental products (name, address, telephones, e-mail, url, brief info). All the Russia. Listed alphabetically by cities.
  • Paperworks - various sientific paperworks with non-advertising sence.
  • Mass-media - links to dental magazines, newspapers.
  • Programmes - information about interesting computer programs in dental field.
  • Links - links to international and russian internet resources about dentistry.

We welcome international manufacturers to give their announcements like "Looking for distributors" into News chapter. Please, send text of your message in English to cniis@inbox.ru

Any proposals or comments you can send to cniis@inbox.ru.

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